Purpose and Goal Statement

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“To serve the residents of, and visitors to, the City of Manzanillo, the States of Colima and Jalisco, and the entirety of Mexico’s Western Pacific with a World Class Botanical Garden of plants, palms and flora from all over the world.”


Our Goal

Ola Brisa Gardens is a Not For Profit organization committed to the presentation of excellence in all manner of tropical botanical species.  Its objective to the public is realized through the providing of educational services and casual, enjoyable tours of this magnificent and highly varied array of vegetative growth.  These hundreds upon hundreds of specimens have been collected, planted, grown and are maintained, for this purpose, on a lush and beautiful multi-terraced garden overlooking the Santiago Bay.

These diverse collection of plants have come to Ola Brisa comes from all over the sub-tropical and tropical world – from the horrific heat and starkness of the Arabian Peninsula, through the jungle lushness of the island nation of Madagascar and nearby Africa; all manner of countries and islands of the Pacific or from around its extensive tropical rim to the oppressive heat and humidity of the Peruvian rain-forests; and continued throughout the whole of South and Central America and up through native Mexican plants to varieties from the Caribbean nations.

All of these plants may be savored while casually walking the tiled or bricked paths that wind, twist and turn through, around and under this stunning botanical collection.

True to its name – Ola Brisa – each wave (ola) of the Pacific may be seen down below – with the waving fronds of the palms above – amid a delightful daytime breeze (brisa) from the beach (playa) during the day and the mountains (montaña) behind and above at night.