An Engaging Vista

05 16 15 Tom O'Hara  III and Marie Ueding


Appropriately, for the inaugural edition of Green Zone – II  News Brief, it concerns a close friend who was with Patty and me when the three of us lived, labored and were based in Iraq’s Green Zone, working for the U.S. Army Corps if Engineers Gulf Region Division, back in 2006-07 – Tom O’Hara.

Recently, tall and lanky Tom came to visit.  With him was someone very special – Marie Ueding. . . her first trip down this way.

On the fifth day of their visit he convinced her that the early morning view, overlooking the lush and terraced Ola Brisa Gardens, as seen from the Sunrise Palapa was worth the pre-dawn wake-up.

Still a bit bleary-eyed  and with the tiniest of waking up grumbles, mumbles and stumbles she stepped from the master bedroom onto the lānai with the magnificence of the Santiago Bay stretched out below.  But closer at hand, in between two tropical lounge chairs, was yet more of a surprise – chilled champagne and a single red rose!

But the best was yet to come as it was not long before he asked “the” question.

She answered with an unequivocal and resounding, Yes!”  (Well, there may have been some smooching in there too!)