Tropical Botany for the young


Including graduate students in my university lectures, never have I seen such enthusiastic, conscientious or focused students as Ian and Diego Valdes, sons of Juan and Stacy.  These six and eight year old students took better notes, ask more incisive questions and absorbed a greater amount of knowledge than students more than twice their age!”

These two delightful boys recently participated in a three-session, mini-course on tropical palms, bushes, fruits, berries, nuts and flowers in Ola Brisa Gardens.  Following each day’s “class” they took a comprehensive test (and w/o any assistance) – achieving scores over 80%.

Following their “graduation” – in black cap and gown (read – Ola Brisa Gardens T-Shirt and baseball cap – along with Tommy, they co-hosted a 2 ½ hours adult garden tour.

Celebration of their successful completion was a field trip to “the interior” and a swim at the “Hidden Waterfall”!