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So many different palm trees!”


That’s a comment often heard from folks taking their first tour of Ola Brisa Gardens.  Indeed, there is a delightful – and diverse – array of them throughout the multi-terraced paths by which you may leisurely wind your way.  Stop and enjoy the air root bromeliads or orchids growing on their trunks; savor the intriguing beauty of ferns, ground cover flora and jungle flowers; or, to turn the old phrase; simply “stop to smell” the (subtle scents of the) jungle!”

A photographic journey of Ola Brisa Gardens, the premium botanical garden of the Mexican Reverie. You will follow the path taken by Tommy and Patty Clarkson to transform a barren landscape in Manzanillo, Mexico from the “Uncivilized Jungle” to the “Civilized Jungle”.

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  • The Colors of  Ola Brisa Gardens


  • Hummingbird Visits Ola Brisa Gardens



The video above is but only one of the palms chosen to take you on a pictorial, historical journey showing the rather remarkable growth of but a few of the over seventy different species of palm trees  – from all around the world – which now thrive in Ola Brisa Gardens.  The link above will take you to a sampling of the major palms.  These well represent our international selection – from the six continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe (Southern), North America (Southern U.S., Mexico, and Central America), and South America as well as several Pacific and Indian Ocean island nations in what is called Oceania.  The specific palms, shown in these videos, come from the western and southwestern part of Africa between Angola and Gambia, Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the Cape Melville range of hills in Australia, and Iraq in the Arabian Peninsula.