A Review of Tropical Plant, Palm and Flower Books

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The following are merely my thoughts on a few of the botanical books available to enhance one’s awareness of tropical and sub-tropical gardening.  Many can be purchased through Amazon Book – some for as little as a penny! 

Amazon and I use different criteria in evaluating books.  Mine are “practicality, readability, quality of information contained, photography and – most of all –  application to outdoor tropical gardening.  Hence our ratings are sometimes different.  

My ratings are thus:  5 palms – excellent, a “need to have”;  4 palms – Very good, certainly a fine addition to your tropical plants library;  3 palms – Good, nice with substantive information and a fine complementing book;  2 palms – Marginal, some good data but perhaps dated, poorly laid out, not fully researched or simply difficult to digest;  1 palm – Not recommended