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Bromeliads For Home and Garden

By Victoria Padilla                                                                                                                  

Crown Publishers                                                                                                                                        

134 pages

Admittedly, mine is an older copy but only eight pages of it are color pictures the rest of the black and white photography.  In my opinion, this publication is a minus when considering this book as a viable learning tool and I cannot recommend it.

(Available through http://www.rainbowgardensbookshop.com/used_bromeliad.htm – 1 palm)

The New Garden Encyclopedia                                                                                        

Managing Editor, Linda Timko Gonzalez                                                                               

Banner Press                                                                                                                                       

286 pages

No, not one I would race out and recommend.  My 1976 publication is much too stilted, dated and void of any manner of helpful photographs to be of value to a contemporary tropical gardener.  (Available through Amazon Books – 1 palm)