3 1/2 Palms

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By Mike Stevens

Firefly Books

96 pages

For one seeking specifics, this is a rather good and fairly comprehensive collection of data on Begonias with good supporting pictures. (Available through Amazon Books – 3 ½ palms)

Palms (Throughout the World)

By David L. Jones

Smithsonian Institution Press

410 pages

A good book. The first section is a bit “heavy” but includes good to know information so it might be read in small chunks, a few pages at a time, highlighting or underlining as the reader goes. I can but only wish, however, that there were more of the good four-color pictures in Part Two, the “Alphabetical Arrangement of Palms” – as when they are included, they are quite helpful. (Available through Amazon Books – 3 ½ stars)

Paraiso Garden, (Gardens, Landscapes and Mexican Soul)

By Marie-Pierre Colle

Clarkson Potter Publishing

240 pages

This is no gardening primer. It is more of a coffee table book or “Gee whiz, wish I owned that place” sort of publication. But its great photography has provided me with several landscaping and design ideas and might you as well. And, in the “Oh, by the way” category, I think this author has also written a good Mexican cook book. (Available through Amazon Books – 3 ½ stars)

Tempting Tropicals, (175 Irresistible Indoor Plants)

By Ellen Zachos

Timber Press

328 pages

This is a pretty good book including much useful information, often incorporating solidly complementing color pictures. Now remember that the title says this regards indoor plants, but no few of these can be used as lower canopy or shade plantings outside. (Available through Amazon Books – 3 ½ stars)

The Colors of Nature (Subtropical Gardens)

By Raymond Jungles

The Monacelli Press

204 pages

Its cover is, perhaps, the most impressive of my tropical books collection! Its contents are very much like that of Marie-Pierre Colle’s book, “Paraiso Garden”, discussed previously – nice to have but not one from which one might glean copious amounts of identification, planting and care data. (Available through Amazon Books – 3 ½ stars)

Tropical Trees

By Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves


64 pages

Books on tropical trees (not palms) are rather hard to come by. So, though this is small and older, I find it useful in complementing some of the core and more major resource books to which I regularly turn. (Available through Amazon Books – 3 1/2 stars)