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Cacti and Succulents (The Complete Book of Cacti and Succulents)

By Terry Hewitt

DK Publishing

178 Pages

This is a case where I’d say Hewitt’s book and that by Charles (above) may be locked in a dead heat as the information and supporting pictures of this book are equal to the former. (Available through Amazon Books – 4 ½ palms)

Plants for Tropical Landscapes, (A Gardener’s Guide)

By Fred D. Rauch and Paul R. Weissich

University of Hawaii Press

139 pages

A good one that I regularly turn to for fast identification of a variety of tropical plants. Often, however, my reading glasses are required in that the pictures are rather small and seeing the necessary identification details is a bit harder. . . . young eyes need not be concerned. The copy on each plant is concise but includes a lot of data in a few words. (Available through Amazon Books – 4 ½ palms)

Tropical Plants, (For Home and Garden)                                                                                    

By William Warren                                                                                                                     

Thames & Hudson                                                                                                                        

240 pages

This is a good and highly usable publication.  It’s a great resource book.  In fact, I’ve used mine so much that the “guts have separated from the cover!  Simply stated, I like it.  (Available through Amazon Books – 4 ½ palms)