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Ornamental Plants and Flowers of Tropical Mexico                                                                  

By Linda Abbott Trapp                                                                                                                     

(Published by author)                                                                                                                    

128 pages

This is a good, self-published attempt including some useable basic information.  It is laid out in an easy to read format, by a very nice lady with many of its pictures taken in a friend of ours gardens.  But – by her own admission – she is not a professional gardener.  As a result, there are a few significant errors – at least one with potentially lethal consequences wherein she states that the “starch” of the Sago Palm (Cycad urens) “is a food staple across Southeast Asia and the Pacific.”  In fact, all parts of it are poisonous!  (Available through Amazon Books – 2 1/2 palms)

The Flower Garden                                                                                                                       

By Lance Hattatt                                                                                                                    

Garden Guides                                                                                                                                

80 pages

This is a seasonal flower book not abut sub-tropical or tropical plantings.  Nice, well organized and with good pictures but much more suited for “up north” where the seasons reign with mighty differences.   (Available through Amazon Books – 2 1/2 palms)

The World of Tropical Flowers                                                                                                                 

By Laurie and Louis Perrero                                                                                              

Windward Publishing                                                                                                                     

64 pages

Another small, 1976 publication, this is one of those “OK but not necessary to have” books.  If you come across an inexpensive, used copy it’s fine for corroborating the data found in others.  (Available through Amazon Books – 2 1/2 palms)

Tropical Garden Design                                                                                                             

By Made Wijaya                                                                                                                              Periplus                                                                                                                                        

208 pages

This, as a couple of earlier discussed books, is a wonderful one to lightly peruse or – when you’ve time and inclination – pore over more deeply.  But it is more of a Guide or Travel Book than one for active use by those wishing to know more about specific plants and their upkeep.  It’s another of those “pretty and nice to have” ones.  (Available through Amazon Books – 2 1/2 palms)