A Poor Boy’s Planter

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Tommy’s Tips       

A Poor Boy’s Planter 

Want to grow multiple tomato plants but haven’t space for a garden?  Wish to have numerous “temporary homes” in which vining bushes can grow in a bit before transplanting?  Have a location where it’s impossible to plant in the dirt, because of concrete or pavers (perhaps next to your house or on your condo terrace), but want some flowers or foliage plants behind others?  All are commonly occurring gardening needs. 

Time and again, I hear from or chat with folks who need multiple, semi-large macetas (pots for plants) but are a bit hesitant to invest a great deal of money in such.

Well, with only a short bit of time and minimal effort, there is an easy alternative. . .   five gallon plastic buckets!  And, it doesn’t matter what they originally held – paint, pickles, powdered sugar or potassium nitrate – just, first, make sure they are clean.

Here are the three simple steps to instant pot gratification . . .  though the mental images arising from that phrase seem wholly incorrect!

  1. Clip off the handles and pull the cut stubs from the bucket top.
  2. Drill drain holes in the bottom – I normally do thirteen.
  3. (Optional) Paint if you wish.

Voilà– Now that was about as fast, cheap “down and dirty” as one can get! 

Lastly, prior to planting, I place about 1 ½ inches of drainage rocks in the bottom and several broken tile pieces underneath to allow good drainage.

Wasn’t that easy?