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Support for drooping palm fronds

Well, I’ve an easy, not unattractive and quite tropical, resolution to that problem. 

It is as follows:

Harvest (or buy) some medium to large sized bamboo.  The former, in itself, for Jose and me is, invariably, a fun chore . . .  well, except that time up in the mountains where all the chiggers lived!

I would advise treating the bamboo for termites prior to using as frond supports.

Remove all branches so it is a reasonably smooth, attractive cane.

Cut below the “bulge” of the lowest segment of each cane so that the bottom is not open for insects to set up housekeeping.

Determine the appropriate height at which you wish the palm frond to be elevated (but not at an abnormal level).

Cut the cane so the top is open

Drill one – or more holes – so the top will not fill up with rainwater.

With two small pieces of bamboo “slices” form a “Y” in the open-ended top to support the palm frond.

Voila!  You’ve an attractive support helping your palm realize its potential while permitting easier passage through your gardens! 

Now wasn’t that easy!



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